Join the Lab

We’re excited you’re interested in joining our team! Below are some of the ways you can go about getting information on involvement opportunities.


There are a few different ways that undergrads can get involved as RAs- whether that be through Cardinal Commitment, for course credit, etc. Typically we require an 8-10 hour weekly commitment for minimum 2 quarters. If you’re interested in being considered as an RA, fill out this form. Please note that we are not always looking to add to our team, but we keep record of these applications for when we are!

If you have specific questions, please reach out to two of our research coordinators: and

Prospective PhD Students

Prof. Yeatman has already accepted PhD students for this academic year. Please check back again next year to see if Prof. Yeatman will be accepting students then.

Open Positions

Feel free to check here for open positions by searching Yeatman in the search bar.