We maintain a database of people (adults, children and families) that are interested in participating in literacy research at either Stanford University or The University of Washington. Signing up for this research database is the first step to getting involved with the lab! We have studies designed for:

  • children who are struggling with learning to read
  • children who are excelling in literacy
  • children with or without dyslexia
  • college students and adults in the broader Bay Area or Seattle area
  • adults at all different literacy levels

Studies involve a variety of methods including:

  • Computer based experiments
  • Educational intervention programs designed to improve reading skills
  • Educational Technology
  • Brain Imaging

Joining the research database does not mean you have to participate in any studies – it is just our means to contact you when we have a study that we think you might be interested in. When a new study is starting, people enrolled in the database might be invited to participate.